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How to Properly Submit an RMA (with downloadable RMA Forms) - Knowledgebase / FAQ - Support, RMA & Ordering - Mountain Leverage Support

How to Properly Submit an RMA (with downloadable RMA Forms)

For Mountain Leverage Customers, download the appropriate RMA form below.

Kindly be sure to fill out the form as completely as possible.

Include in the Detailed Problem Description column any information about troubleshooting steps you may have already taken, such as trying a known good battery or performing a force full profile load.

Honeywell will require photos of any equipment that has physical damage before they will process the RMA.

Additionally, Honeywell will generate one RMA number for each item on your RMA form. When you receive your replacement devices, you must send back only the item in that box for which the RMA number was generated. Any customer who sends back multiple RMAs in a single box will risk being charged $65 per non-compliance by Honeywell. Mountain Leverage does not control this fee, this will be invoiced directly by Honeywell.

Once the form is filled out, send it as an attachment in an email addressed to

Be sure to include in the subject line “RMA”. A ticket will be automatically generated for our RMA team and they will begin the processing of your RMA.

NOTE: Customers who are on a pay per repair basis will still need to fill out the form. Our RMA team will contact you once it is received, providing to you the appropriate PO and further instructions on how to send in your device(s) for repair.