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Information Needed When Reporting A Problem To Mountain Leverage Support - Knowledgebase / FAQ - Support, RMA & Ordering - Mountain Leverage Support

Information Needed When Reporting A Problem To Mountain Leverage Support

Providing as much information about your problem as possible when contacting Mountain Leverage for support will result in a much faster resolution of your issue.

Please try to answer as many of the following questions as apply to your specific problem.

  • Which part of your Voice system is affected:

    • VoiceConsole?

    • VoiceLink?

    • Voice Task?

    • Voice devices?

    • Other? (please specify)

  • What is the exact issue being reported? (This may sound like the obvious, however it is one of the most common reasons why issue resolution can be delayed. For example, an operator telling a supervisor that the device won’t work is not helpful, but an operator telling the supervisor that the device speaks an error message and what that error message is, can point to the cause of the problem.)

  • When did the issue first occur?

  • Is the issue causing a complete work stoppage for the entire site?

  • Does the issue have a work around? If so, what is it that you are doing to get past the problem?

  • Have there been any significant changes at your site such as, but not limited to:

    • Network changes of any kind.

    • Changes to the servers or databases that your Voice system uses.

    • Changes to your WMS system.

    • Infrastructure changes such as new racking, new dividing walls, additional stocking.

    • Additional equipment that could be causing interference with your Voice devices, such as microwaves, heavy machinery, metal cabinets to store device chargers/devices, etc.

  • Is the issue affecting all operators, some operators or only one operator?

  • If only certain operators are affected:

    • What are their operator names/IDs?

    • What are the serial numbers of the devices they are using?

  • Are only specific types of Talkman devices being impacted by the problem?

  • Who are the best points of contact for Mountain Leverage to work with?

    • Name - phone number - email address.

  • If you have device logs or application logs, please provide them.

To submit a support request click here or send the above information in an email to