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Mountain Leverage Statement on Biometrics and Voice Data Processing - Knowledgebase / Product Notices & Alerts - Mountain Leverage Support

Mountain Leverage Statement on Biometrics and Voice Data Processing

March 31, 2023

This statement acknowledges the Biometric Information Privacy Acts (BIPA) and subsequent litigation that continue to develop in various states, and details our understanding regarding the principal conditions under which Mountain Leverage, LLC and our valued customers may process and store data as it relates to voice picking technologies.  BIPA is only one example of a law that applies to the usage and storage of personal information. There may be additional laws or policies that apply to your business.

  1. During the course of business between Mountain Leverage and our customers, which may include voice-optimized workflow execution, voice data is being processed through both a voice hardware device and voice device management software (i.e. Honeywell VoiceConsole/Enterprise Voice, Lydia® User and Device Manager, collectively, “Software”)  (“Voice Data”).

  2. Software may store a voice template, but only as a range value that cannot be reverse-engineered to an operator. These templates are solely used to correspond to vocabulary that an operator is properly speaking to synchronize with the appropriate word or phrase.

  3. The Software does not automatically delete voice operators or templates after a period of inactivity; however, once an operator profile is manually deleted, all voice templates are deleted as well.

  4. Customers are responsible and accountable for all Voice Data as defined above, and for complying with any and all data privacy laws applicable to its business.

  5. Any agreements which have been or shall be executed by Mountain Leverage and customers will remain in full force and effect. In addition, the Software License Agreement, which was issued by Honeywell/EPG and accepted and agreed to by our customers when voice device management software was installed and configured, remains in full force and effect.

We hope you find this helpful and informative. Should questions arise outside of the specifics we have provided, please engage counsel that specializes in privacy law.