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Using the Talkman Startup Tool - Knowledgebase / Voice Training Articles / Talkman Devices - Mountain Leverage Support

Using the Talkman Startup Tool

Before Getting Started

  1. Before starting this process, you will need the following:

  • Download the Talkman Startup Tool from here.  Extract the Talkman Startup Tool Folder from the zip.  Run the Talkman Startup Tool executable (exe) from within the folder you have extracted.  Please contact if this link no longer works.

  • If you are using VoiceConsole 5.2 or later, the Startup Tool is included in VoiceConsole install DVD. You can copy the program from the DVD. If you do not have the DVD, you can just download the Startup Tool from the link above.

  • (If using an A700 Talkman) USB to micro-USB data cable.

  • (If using a T2X, T5, A500) RS-601-1 Serial Loading Cable

  • If no serial port is available on the PC to be used, a USB to serial adapter will also be needed. Recommended is the TRIPP LITE Keyspan High Speed USB C to Serial Adapter DB9 Cable TAA, 3' (USA-19HS-C).

  • Access to VoiceConsole (user, password, and link).

  • A device profile already created in VoiceConsole.

  • The Talkman device you want to load.

Loading the Profile

1. Launch the Talkman Startup Tool. If you are doing this outside of VoiceConsole, you will be prompted for a URL. Enter the URL that you normally use to access your organization’s VoiceConsole instance, and click OK. (Note: The link in the image below is just an example)


2. Enter your credentials that you would use to access VoiceConsole, then click Login.


3. The site information is on the top left in a drop down menu. Be sure you are on the correct site.


4. At the top right, click ‘Settings’ and be sure that you select ‘Force Full Profile’ for the load type from the drop down menu (you do not need to re-enter the login credentials here).

  • Force Full Profile should be used when you are flashing the device for the first time or you need to re-flash the device due to a problem. If the firmware is not changing but the configuration is, you can use ‘Configuration Only.’

  • Click the right arrow to hide the Settings menu and save changes.

5. Follow the instructions on screen to connect the device.


For the A700 and A700x series Talkman Devices, the micro-USB port is located below the rubber flap near the Play/Pause button:


6. Once the device is plugged in and in the correct mode, you will see the serial number.


7. Select the profile you wish to load from the left panel, and you will see the profile details.


8. Click ‘Begin Profile Load’. You will be told the number of components to be loaded (3 for Force Full Profile). Click OK to begin.

  • If the profile uses a static IP address, you will be prompted for the IP address to assign to the device.

9. A message will pop up telling you when finished. DO NOT disconnect the device until you see this message.


10. Place the device in the charger to complete the profile load. It should also be visible in the VoiceConsole Devices view as well. When the Last Message in VoiceConsole for the device shows ‘Device Properties Complete,’ the profile is loaded and the device is ready for use.

The small segment of the Play/Pause button will also slowly flash green.


If the device does not work after profile load:

  • You do not see ‘Device Properties Complete’ or

  • The state is in “serial loading” even though the device appears ready;

Check the wireless information in the device profile. If it is not correct, create a new profile and update the wireless settings.

If the wireless info is correct, check that the network can communicate with the VoiceConsole server.

You can also contact for additional help.

Downloadable PDF of these instructions attached for your convenience.

There is also a video available here that talks you through the use of the Talkman Startup Tool.